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          Ayurveda is an ancient practice of holistically restoring balance to our body, mind and spirit to help us live a healthier life and to help manage diseases that form from these imbalances. Ayurveda translates to “science of life” and that is exactly what it is. This 5,000 year old science is based on the idea that everyone is unique and that everything, from your daily routines to diet and activities, should be tailored to what makes you a unique individual and not                                 trying to get you to fit in a cookie cutter lifestyle.


        According to ayurveda, everything is composed of and represented by the five elements (panchamahabuthas): Air (Vayu), Space (Akasha), Earth (Pritvhi), Fire (Tejas) and Water (Aapa). The qualities that these elements possess can be observed in just about everything from your food to the physical characteristics of a living being to the moods a person may display. This combination of elemental qualities displayed in each individual is what is called your dosha. A person's dosha (vata, pitta, and kapha) is described as the constitution you were born with. In other words, it's the elemental composition you were born with. However, over time, things such as diet, lifestyle, environment, and many other factors can cause a shift in your prakriti (the unique combination of doshas that creates you) and cause imbalances. These imbalances, over time, can turn into diseases whether they be minor, such as acne, or more severe, such as diabetes.


      With ayurveda you can not only get a deeper understanding of what makes you unique, but you can get a better understanding on how to bring yourself back to balance and live a healthier life that is custom to you and your needs. This can be consultations that help you get back on track with dietary, lifestyle                            and herbal recommendations as well as treatments.



       Ayurvedic consultations are very thorough intake and wellness evaluations. During these sessions we not only go over your main concerns but we will look at everything from an ayurvedic perspective to help come up with a proper plan specialized for your dosha and imbalances that may be causing certain aliments that form whether they be mentally or physically. These recommendations can range from daily lifestyle routines, dietary suggestions, herbal recommendations and                                                   body treatments.               


Initial Consultations- This is the first step towards an ayurvedic lifestyle and treatment plan. During this consultation we will determine your prakiti (unique combination of doshas that make up you), where your imbalances are and how you can  make changes to bring you back to balance. You will receive a dietary plan that will include guidelines that will best be suited for you and your imbalances but keeping manageable for your lifestyle. The lifestyle changes given not only help you take better care of yourself,  but to prevent imbalances or correct current imbalances. Some herbal recommendations may be given and  ayurvedic body treatments suggested that can be given to help aid your                                               balancing  from the inside out. 

        Initial consultations can run from 60 Min to 90 Min depending on what we are going over and includes a 20 Min follow up a few days later when your plan is complete so we can go over things and I can answer any questions.




Follow Up Consultations- Follow up appointments are an important part of ayurvedic treatment process.  This is where we help follow and track your progress, address any new concerns and changes that may occur along the way and make the proper adjustments to help keep you in balance. Just like a balancing scale can become off balance with adjustments to one side our bodies can do the same. While some changes may bring balance some may need fine tuning to create a more balanced you. This is why it is recommended to do follow up every 2-4 weeks at first then as needed while things become better                                                         and more balanced.






     Abhyanga is a therapeutic massage that incorporates a special blend of herbs that are infused in a warming oil. These herbal infused oils are applied hot to help balance  Vata, reduce pain, anxiety and stress and restore balance to the body, mind and soul. It utilizes long relaxing and rhythmic stokes to help induce a deep sense of relaxation to the person on all levels with pressure that is determined by your prakiti, marma point stimulation (vital energy points) and includes swedna (sweat therapy) by use of hot steamed towels or steam tent to                                         help detox through the tvak (ski).  


30 Min Abhyanga-  Targets specific  area of concern-  $45


60 Min Abhyanga- Full body including abdominal area- $85


90 min Abhyanga- Full body including abdominal area-  $115





     Basti is a localized hot oil dipping treatment that helps target specific areas of concern. These treatments have proven highly effective in the management of chronic musculoskeletal conditions, including back, neck and knee issues. It is done by making a dough ring that will act as a basin to hold hot herbal infused oils to create a hot, deep penetrating moist heat that gets deep into the dhatus (tissues) of the body and lubricates the area being worked on.  As the heat slowly dissipates the oil is removed and fresh hot oil is reapplied. After the last round of oil is removed a local massage and hot steamed towels are applied  to                                            the area just worked.


Kati Basti (Back Treatment)- 60 Min Treatment - $85


Greeva Basti (Neck Treatment)-  60 Min Treatment - $85


Janu Basti (Knee Treatment)- 60 Min Treatment - One Knee - $85

                                                 75 Min Treatment- Both Knees - $100




       Shirodhara is an ancient ayurvedic treatment where a continuous stream of warm herbal oil is steadily and continuously dripped on the forehead. This relaxing treatment is good for ailments of the mind including but not limited to insomnia, stress, anxiety and overactive minds to name a few. The herbal oil is dripped in the center of the forehead which is considered a person's third eye and is believed to be an energetic point for the mind. Dipping the warm oil on this point for a prolonged amount of time helps relax, calm and slow down the mind and its thought process all while delivering a dose of herbs externally to help aid in this process as well.

Shirodhara - 60 Min Treatment - $90



     Nasya is herbal oil treatment that is considered part of  a person's dinacharya (daily routine) that helps cleanse and maintain the health of one’s nasal passageways. Since this is a direct route to the brain this treatment is a great way to get herbs delivered directly to the mind. These herbs help alleviate stress and anxiety, clear brain fog and help the flow of prana (life essence).

Nasya - 20 Min Treatment - $20

















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