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COVID -19 Closure

Covid-19 Closure

Unfortunately due to the number of COVID cases that have risen now that we are in cold and flu season the state has issued a mandated stay at home order again that was effective as of Sunday December 6. Unfortunately that means massage is no longer able to operate under normal circumstances and was ordered to close for three weeks until Monday December 28. This of course will be pending the percentage of ICU rooms available become greater then 15% for Santa Barbra County.

However if you are able to get a note from a physician or chiropractor your massage is considered a medical massage and therefore no longer categorized as a personal service. I am requesting that I get these notes in writing or emailed to me for proper record keeping for your files. You can print a form to be filled out on the website under the client forms tab or you can get one directly from your physician or chiropractor as well.

I will still be able to sell gift cards, essential oils, face mask, scrubs and other small items I have in studio for the holidays.

Thank you for your continued support and patients with this current matter


Anita Burns


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